Online events

Through promotional marketing (or ‘promo marketing’), you can still spark brand awareness and stimulate engagement with your audience, even when your events may be shifted to an online format.

Here’s how.

  • Webinar gift bags
    Because physical gatherings are limited right now, online conferences and webinars play a big part in organising events for your business.
    But just because you’re not in person, doesn’t mean they have to go empty-handed! You can have physical event merchandise delivered straight to your clients. To promote your brand further, you can encourage people to take photos with your event’s promo products and share them for all attendees to see.
  • Direct Invite Mailers
    Invites are essential if you still want to run events. But, as you know, digital invites can get lost or ignored. So, get extra creative by sending customised invites using promotional materials or printed direct mailers.
    Try ignoring an invite printed on a mug or a fancy printed card that arrives in the post. These will capture attention and ensure no one forgets to log in.
  • Exclusivity for sign-ups
    To attract more attendees and increase excitement, you can put together a branded hamper or “swag pack” full of promo marketing goodies for the first 50 or 100 people to register for your online event. They’ll love the exclusivity and probably share the pack on their socials for everyone to see.
  • Involve interactive games
    In between sessions, you can interact with online event attendees by hosting mini-games like “Spin the digital wheel”, “the best comment competition” or an opportunity to enter the draw by submitting their details on your site. Your branded promo items can then be used as prizes for winners.
  • Tutorial collateral
    If you’re running an educational event online, then you can send them a pack in the mail with all their learning materials, some pens, a pad and even a few promo items gifts.
    As you can see, promotional marketing is an avenue your business can take to increase participant engagement using the power of tangibility – even for an online event.

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