Aline Pumps

Client Background:

Aline, well known in the pumping industry, were traditionally self-sourcing their promotional merchandise. They were intrigued by our bulk special on high-quality caps and decided to give us a go.


Upon receiving Aline's sample cap to match, it became evident that their usual product fell a long way short in terms of quality and representation of their brand. The cap, although affordable, lacked the comfort, structure and durability necessary to align with Aline's reputation for offering premium pumping equipment.


Understanding the importance of maintaining brand integrity, we proposed a significant enhancement to the quality and fit of the cap. Our team quickly checked out Aline’s branding guidelines and came up with a vastly improved design ensuring that the improved cap would be in accord with the company standards.


Material Upgrade: We used our premium thickened buckram lining to give the cap better structure.

Decoration: we requested 3D embroidery for the logo.

Fabric: we chose to match Aline’s pantone colour rather than using a standard Navy fabric.

The revamped caps not only met but exceeded Aline's expectations. The enhanced quality and customized design elevated the product, providing a superior representation of their brand.

Key Outcomes:

Improved Brand Image: The upgraded caps now reflect the premium quality associated with Aline's brand.

Customer Satisfaction: Aline is pleased with the superior quality and fit of the caps, strengthening their trust in our ability to deliver exceptional products.

Increased Sales Potential: With a more appealing product, Aline is poised to attract a broader customer base and drive increased sales.


By recognizing and addressing the initial quality gap, we successfully collaborated with Aline to enhance their product offering. This case highlights our commitment to delivering not only cost-effective solutions but also maintaining the highest standards of quality to ensure our clients' brands shine in the marketplace.

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